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Konstantina Mittas design aesthetic/philosophy
Mittas draws inspiration from music and film; her work is strong and structured, quite architectural, with an emphasis on shape. And she provides “a million versions of black.”
THE ONLY WAY IS UP. Glynis Trail-Nash. Sydney Morning Herald. January 24 2008

Best ‘n’ fresh
What sets this brand apart from the rest is an alternative approach to a sexy way of dressing, with a distinctive sense of design and feel in the cuts, shapes and fabrics. Konstantina Mittas is definitely one to keep an eye out for.
YEN Issue 30. Imogene Barron

Konstantina’s clothes are a beautiful combination of luxury fabrics, strong shapes and immaculate construction - think the Belgian 6 or Ann Demeulemeester.
TWO THOUSAND. November 2007. lyn & tony

BEST new threads. Konstantina Mittas
Artistic and architectural, this young Sydney-based designer’s works have us completely fashionated. When we first saw the sculptural shapes of Konstantina Mittas, we were struck by the way the fabric seems to billow and stand at attention. Still, despite their intricacy, Mittas’ pieces are both wearable and attention grabbing, sophisticated with an edge.
URBIS Design Annual 2007 Issue 40

Bold shapes, big statement
For the bold at heart Konstantina Mittas has again come up trumps with her spring/summer collection. This is a girl who knows what she likes.
S, THE SUN HERALD. Style October 2007. Glynis Trail-Nash

On the Style map
With a locale that resembles Manhattan’s Meatpacking district, Sydney designer Konstantina Mittas’ off-the-radar Chippendale studio is the perfect exhibition space for her libertine wares. As for design pedigree? “I can’t boast graduating from a famous design school or an internship with McQueen” muses Mittas before confirming her point of difference is a self diagnosed “attention to detail disorder.”
HARPER’S BAZAAR August 2007. What’s new, now. Katerina Israel

A modern day senorita loves her lace
Konstantina Mittas lace blouse featured with Bill Blass embroidered cotton faille skirt.
WOMENS WEAR DAILY April 2006. Cover Story Lady of Spain

Launched in four of LA’s coolest stores alongside impressive stable mates like Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and Chloe. A toasty warm reception ensued an invitation to be one of three designers at LA Fashion Week’s Gen Art Show 2005. Gen Art invites those they consider the best new talents to take part. The invitation was extended to Konstantina Mittas, the first non-American to date, and she has subsequently been asked to submit for the Designer of the year award.
NYLON March 2006. Emily McGregor